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  • Newborn Essentials for second baby
    Newborn Essentials for second baby
    I am 6 months late with this but largest late than never right? Between moving, living in a temporary space etc, I am very well-spoken on what victual items have been essential to our family during those first few months. Wanted to share my must-haves with you. Some are the same as Otis and there are a few new additions
  • Duke’s Smiley Face First Birthday Party
    Dukes Smiley Face First Birthday Party
    We got the endangerment to gloat sweet Duke’s first birthday party a few weeks ago. The 1st Birthday party is such a milestone for us to gloat our year with our miracle baby. If you are new here, you can read well-nigh our lengthy IVF journey to get to both Otis and Duke so this first birthday is flipside one
  • The best store-bought salad kits, according to readers
    The best store-bought salad kits, according to readers
    It’s no secret that I love a good salad kit. So much so that I wrote a whole post on this topic already. But I guess I just wasn’t washed-up with the topic of unsober salad yet. 😂 I needed to know ALL of the weightier store-bought salad kits out there, considering it’s pretty much […]
  • Reader Obsessions: Vol.2
    Reader Obsessions: Vol.2
    If you recall, I launched a new series tabbed “Reader Obsessions” older this year–but then I decided to take the summer off, so it’s been a while! Today, we’re starting it when up then with flipside 6 random reader favorites. From closet staples to household gadgets and everything in between, here are some little things […]
  • ABLE anniversary sale–25% off code!
    ABLE anniversary sale25% off code!
    Able Year-end Sale I cannot believe I am off to Portugal then tomorrow 🤯 for #AtlasAdventuresLisbon! (It seems like Whitney and I were there together yesterday for our planning trip–except that was in August. 😆) I am SO excited–not just to be when in a place that I love with Whitney and Victoria, but to […]
  • Lisbon in October Packing List
    Lisbon in October Packing List
    I’m off to Lisbon tonight! Huzzah! I’m excited but I would moreover be lying if I didn’t shoehorn it gets harder every time I have to say goodbye to June. 😭 But I know as soon as I get to the airport I will be fine! I cannot WAIT to get there and let the […]
  • Signing off!
    Signing off!
    Signing off! Happy Monday! This is our first official day kicking off our group trip! We’re all going on a walking tour of Alfama today (my favorite zone of the city)! Just wanted to say hi, hope your week is off to a unconfined start, and that I’ll be signing off from the blog for […]
  • My fresh, dewy summer makeup look that stays on all
    My fresh, dewy summer makeup look that stays on all
    There is something well-nigh summer that has me doing a well-constructed inspect of my makeup kit in the quest to create a summer makeup squint that stays on all day. I want it to be fresh, effortless and glowy and I don’t want to have to reapply everything considering it’s slid off my squatter by mid-morning. This squint features products I’ve